Monday, July 22, 2024


I Was Told I’m “Too Quiet” To Be A Business Major

“You’re not aggressive enough to be in business.” Though it wasn’t said with the worst of intentions these words, this, along with the many other...


6 Unbelievable STEM Jobs We Never Knew Existed

High-fives all around to my fellow STEM ladies! Let’s face it, you’ve got the brains and the ambition to do whatever you want, the...

The 12 Coolest Dorm Room Startups

Who says you have to wait until after you leave college to start your career? Sometimes the idea for that perfect invention just hits...



Starting You First Job? Remember These 5 Things

You’ve landed the internships, done the part-time jobs, and finished your degree – a full-time job can’t be that much different, can it? Yes,...
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How To Home-Brew Beer In 4 Steps

We all know that college kids love their beer. The six packs of Natty Light filling up our fridges don’t lie. But sometimes we’re...

Inspiring People

The Olympics Just Got Even Cooler: Meet Team Refugee

In a time where global news headlines and cover spreads are delivering chaotic, upsetting, and downright depressing news, here’s a story of hope. For...

The Aces Talk Sisterhood, Stereotypes And Their Debut Album

Featured image credit Alex Bortz Sometimes, when doing something she’s always dreamed of, like playing a show in Europe or recording a music video, drummer...

Why Jen Gotch Might Be The Most Important Person On Instagram Right Now

You may or may not have heard of Jen Gotch, but chances are a good chunk of the girls in your Psychology class scribble...

The Girls Behind Your New Favorite Podcast

From mushrooms and sex to dental hygiene and meditation, the girls behind That’s So Retrograde have it covered. With their podcast intent on melding...

Meet Lucie Fink, The Powerhouse Video Producer at Refinery29

If you haven’t heard of Lucie Fink, you’re seriously missing out. The woman does it all! She’s a stop-motion artist, a social media influencer,...
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Holiday Recipes

I will never shop at Forever 21 again. At least, that’s my initial reaction after watching The True Cost, a documentary directed by Andrew Morgan...

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