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5 Simple Ways To Stay Happy For Other People On Social Media

All right, let’s just start by putting the obvious out there. We girls stalk, all the time.

We stalk everyone from the hot guy in our econ class to our friend’s uncle’s cousin’s sister. A majority of our stalking, however, is focused on girls our own age.

We scroll 11 months deep into an Instagram feed and cross our pretty little fingers that we don’t accidentally like a 2013 Christmas pic (talk about a social no-no).

While you’re scrolling you are inevitably trying to pick out the reasons the pretty girl from your hometown’s jet-setting life isn’t quite as fab as it seems. Come on girl, what’s the point of that?

I know it can be hard to not let the little green monster get to you on occasion, but it’s not that hard to actually be happy for the people you follow on social media.

1. It’s all about the mindset

 A negative mindset isn’t going to do you any good in any aspect of life, but there is really no need for it on social media.  Just because you’ve been single since your birthday (like your actual very first day on this Earth) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your friend’s cute posts with her man.

2. Understand the point of social media

The whole point of social media is to post your good days, the things you enjoy, or the fun adventures you go on. No one is posting when they fight with their boyfriend (if they do that’s TMI), they don’t post when they spend their Friday night with themselves and a bottle of Barefoot, and they most definitely are not going to post a selfie to let the world know they really are feeling quite ugly that day. People post the highlights of their lives. Even the people who are jet-setting across the world have their share of bad days. Learn to be happy for other’s life highs.

3. Don’t get on social media if you aren’t happy with yourself

It’s harsh but true. How are you expected to be happy for someone else if you can’t even be happy with/for yourself? It really just doesn’t make sense. Don’t put someone else down because you don’t feel too hot about yourself. When feeling down about your life, you’re putting yourself in a place where high sensitivity and comparison feed off of each other.

4. Why are you hating in the first place?

It really shouldn’t matter whether you’re personally a fan of someone or not. That is no reason to tear down their own good days and the happy moments they choose to share. There are a billion people on this planet, and your crazy if you think we can love them all. You are going to have people you just aren’t a fan of, that’s the way it goes. There is no reason to be anything but happy for people, like them or not, we all deserve our good days and should be glad to see people have so many.

5. If you really can’t be happy for someone, unfollow them

Unfortunately, some people struggle with not wanting to point out the negatives in others. If that’s your case, delete the people you love to hate on social media. No value is added to your life by going through someone’s photo’s only to rip them to shreds and dis them every chance you get. Get a better hobby or you’ll turn into a grown-up Mean Girl.


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