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8 Little Ways To Start Living Your Best Life This Semester

Each semester, every girl that I know seems in pursuit of their “best life.” Maybe that means they’re after an all-around productive day; maybe that means they’re looking for time to take a moment and relax. For me personally, it’s finding a delicate balance between those two things. As I’ve gone through college, I’ve found that switching it up with the little things, rather than making huge changes all at once, has helped me get closer to living my best life (quote, unquote).

You’ve heard some of these tips before, I’m sure, but sometimes we forget that even the littlest things can make a big impact when pursuing our best life.

1. Know the Fashion Rule of Thirds

It’s a life-saving rule: when going for a quick outfit, just choose a standout top, some classic bottoms (skirt or pants, up to you), and an eye-catching accessory (like a pair of earrings or a cute purse). It saves time, it’s fail proof, and it’s one of those tips that comes in handy no matter what stage of your life you’re in.

2. Sneak in Water as Much as Possible

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but everyone needs to drink more water. With multiple health benefits, drinking water is a simple way to kick start healthy change…but it can be hard. Try sneaking in a drink of water whenever you can! Personally, I’ve been getting in the habit of drinking at least one cup of water before my morning coffee. You can sneak in water by ordering it when you go out to eat (saves money too), or by taking a drink when you’re tired or bored. No matter how you get your water, just know: every ounce counts.

3. Unplug during Lunch.

I know—after a morning of classes, you just want to head out to lunch and watch a show or play with your phone. Don’t. Recently, I’ve made a point of unplugging during lunch—it helps me focus on my needs (food, hydration, stress level) and it keeps me in the moment. If you need something in the background, try music or a podcast—something you can start and leave alone until it’s time to pick up your phone again.

4. Plot Out Your Ideal Day…And See What You Can Do Now.

Maybe you want to do yoga for a half hour every other day, or maybe you want to read a book after dinner each night—take a look at your current schedule and actively look for time to do that, even if it’s for fifteen minutes instead of thirty minutes, or after lunch instead of after dinner. Make compromises with yourself instead of excuses!

5. Wear Clothes You Like, Not Necessarily Clothes that are Fashionable

When I was younger, I used to try to reflect fashion and sacrifice comfort. That did nothing but slow me down in the long run because I was focused on how I looked and worried about how others saw me. Take it from me, friends—wear clothes you like and are comfortable in. It will show and make you a bit more confident too!

6. Snack When You Need To

It’s a fact—we get hungry at bad times every so often. More often than not, I see people holding out on their hunger, resulting in bad moods, distraction, and an unhappy body. Take a moment to take care of yourself. There’s no shame in stepping out of class to buy a snack or even bringing one (as long as your prof is cool with it).

7. Find an Untraditional Hobby

Sometimes, a busy life seems to take the life and passion out of you, even if you’re doing what you love. In fact, I think that if you happen to be lucky enough to have your creative passion be your job, be it writing, art, design, etc., you definitely should find a hobby that’s completely unrelated. Maybe it can be coding, tarot reading, learning the ukulele—something that you can do to unwind and reclaim some individuality, something you can do to stimulate your creative brain without doing the same old.

8. Check In With Yourself Daily
Every day, life gives you something different to handle. So it makes sense that every day, you may need something a bit different for self-care. Check in with yourself, maybe with meditation, maybe with a therapy session, maybe with writing in your journal—something small that you can do. Your best life starts with you, so take care of yourself!

Image via Laura Claypool


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