Bad Breakup? Do These 8 Things

Breakups suck. If you don’t know this firsthand, any glimpse at a TV show or post-breakup song will clue you in. An ugly split with your significant other can leave you feeling broken, undesirable, and maybe a little lost. It’s during this time, more than any other, that you need take care of yourself. Even if it feels like things are falling apart, trust me, they’re only coming together for something better.

If you just got broken up with and aren’t sure what to do, here’s where you start: get out of bed, turn off the sad Netflix series you’ve been binge watching, and do these 8 things.  

 Just go home (if you can).

If home is a short drive away, hop in the car and go. Even if you have to fly, it’s worth it. Sometimes you need to escape and return to a place that is yours (and only yours). Spend some time with your parents, your siblings, your pets, and your old friends. Go to a place you used to love. Sit in the living room with your family and just be present. Focusing on all the support you have is so important to the healing process.

 Call your mom.

Call her and cry. It’ll make you feel better. You have to get the tears and the emotions out somehow, and your mom is your best friend during times like these. Without a doubt, she’ll have some kickass advice to help you feel better.

 Stay off social media for a few days.

The last thing you want to do is reverse any progress you’ve made so far. You might see something that upsets you or reminds you of your significant other, which can throw you into a tailspin. Just take a hiatus from your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. (Unless of course you want to post a picture of you looking happy and hot, just to show everyone you’re doing well post breakup…)

 Make a playlist.

For the first couple days, sometimes it just feels good to listen to sad music and cry along with it. Then, once you start to feel better, compile all your favorite I’m-better-off-without-you tunes and listen to them on repeat. For some suggestions, check out this article.

 Go for a jog or do some yoga. Just move and sweat.

You’ll feel so much better after using your body and getting out of your own head for a little bit. It’s amazing what post-workout endorphins will do for your emotions.

 Read a good book.

Preferably one you’ve already read and love. Right now, you need something familiar and stable in your life to help fill that temporary void you’re feeling so acutely. Get lost in the pages and remember who you were when you last read that book. If you aren’t much of a reader, go back and watch one of your favorite movies.

 Watch the sunset.

Remember that life still goes on. The sun is still rising and setting, and you’re still breathing. You’re still okay. The person who hurt you is just that: a person. You’ll get through it.

 Don’t reach out.

Even though it hurts and you probably miss your significant other, don’t reach out. It makes it so much harder to move on and be at peace if you keep opening the wound. If it’s over, let it be over. Dragging it out will only cause more hurt.

This breakup doesn’t define you. Remember, after everything blows over, you’ll be okay. And maybe, just maybe, a little better off than you were before.