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24 Cool Words For Women You Didn’t Know Existed

In the past, women have often gotten the raw end of the stick, even when it comes to the words that describe them.

So many of the terms we use in our everyday lives for our fellow females are, well, not so flattering. One doesn’t have to think too hard to realize that our list is a little shabby, not to mention sometimes downright demeaning. However, after doing a little digging, here are some underused and forgotten words for women that are worthy, and they are waiting to be brought back to everyday use:


A female victor; a woman who is victorious

I’m a little biased, since this uses the same Latin roots as my own name, but doesn’t this just make you want to do a complicated martial arts sequence to an ’80s music montage? I immediately picture Simone Biles wearing all her Olympic medals.


A woman is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field; a kickass female leader

A great moniker for your local careerwoman.


Irish-Gaelic term of endearment meaning “my darling”

You don’t have to have the blood of the leprechauns to make use of this little beauty.


A female editor

What underused gems! Urban Dictionary’s definition: “a female editor who demands you to finesse your lingo.” Guilty as charged.


Troublemaking woman who starts brawls



A female guardian

With the title of duenna, comes great responsibility.


A woman of great strength; a female warrior

Why isn’t this used more often?


Any unmarried girl

A cuter alternative to “miss”


A woman who lightly flirts

A more sophisticated take


Any classy and dignified older woman

There’s a reason they use it to describe queens.


A queen

Speaking of queens…


A woman of the demimonde (a group who enjoys extravagant lifestyle of fine foods and clothes), an eclectic mixture of sharp business acumen, social skills, and hedonism

So, pretty much the entire female cast of Gossip Girl.


A gossip or a blabbermouth

You have to admit, it’s fun to say.


A female college student

This zesty little term was coined by college blog Her Campus to describe intellectual, trendy, sophisticated young college women.


A female pilot or aviator

Not something you can use every day, but doesn’t it just make you want to be one?


An allusion to the legend of the au-naturale young equestrian, a godiva refers to a beautiful and perhaps mystical young woman

A definition almost as delicious as the chocolate.


An endearingly innocent and wholesome young woman

Simply lovely.


An admired and attractive girl or woman; a girl or woman whose charm and beauty make her a favorite

My dearest Disney princess lives up to her name.


An unmarried girl or young woman

Still holding out for everyday usage.


While we’re on the French trend, here’s a term for a female pal or friend

Now you’ll have a cute salutation for snail mail letters to not-so-local friends.


A woman excelling in both beauty and goodness

You have to have both in order to earn this particular epithet.


A woman who enjoys or seeks adventure; a female adventurer

One of my favorites.


An imaginary spirit of the air, or a graceful woman

Not the word for Zumba class, but definitely appropriate for yoga.


An intellectual or literary woman, an educated woman who is interested in books and ideas

My all-time favorite on the list. If words were jewels, this would be a diamond. Or a sapphire, if we’re color-coding.

And so, my fellow viragos, my bluestockings, my reginas and my doyennes–go out there and fight for literary equality, one step at a time.

Click here for even more words for women:


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