Online Shopping Is Hard- Here’s How To Get The Perfect Fit

We’ve all been there, you excitedly add the item to your cart and hit check out,  patiently wait for the box to arrive at your door fantasizing how you’ll rock that stellar dress. When it finally arrives and you immediately try it on only to realize, it looks awful. If you’re lucky, the site you bought it from will have a storefront at your local mall with a good return policy. Some of our favorite sites though are online only, and who really wants to go through the hassle of shipping it back? No fear, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you find your new favorite purchase.


Yes, I’m serious. Have you ever noticed that you might be a small at one store, but a medium at another? That’s because not all sizes are created equal. Most sites offer a chart listing their size measurements. Sometimes the difference could be as little as a half inch, but that half inch could make the world of a difference when you have a post Chipotle food baby.


You’ve probably read reviews before your latest Sephora trip, so why not read reviews of that bodysuit before you hit purchase? Although the fit might be great, some brands use odd lighting or even Photoshop, altering garments color in the photo. Suddenly that gorgeous deep mustard sweater you’ve been lusting after has arrived and looks as bright as the highlighter in your backpack.


Similar to product reviews, make sure you read up on the site you’re buying from– especially if it’s an online only shop that you’ve never purchased from before. Some online shops such as SheIn, which promises trendy pieces for prices even lower than those at Forever21. You may be thinking you’re getting that crop top you tried on at Free People last week for a total steal, but in reality you’re getting something better fit for a 7-year-old’s body type. Be sure to read up on how accurate their sizing is, how long they take to ship and process, and if their clothes will actually survive past one wash.


One of the best things about online shopping is the little box where you can type in discount codes. Take advantage of google and find any discount codes you can. Often you can find free shipping, or youtubers often give affiliate codes for makeup and beauty brand’s websites. Too much work? Try downloading Google Chrome app ‘Honey’, with a click of a button the app instantly searches the internet for codes and actually applies them for you!


Most brands with online stores are also very interested in building an online presence. Many brands want you to use hashtags or tag their account when you post an Instagram of you in one of their pieces. #UOonyou #F21xme #CharlotteLook are great ways to see how the garment looks on a real person rather than a potentially photo shopped model. Be sure to check out the brand’s tagged photos as well. Many Instagram style bloggers use LikeToKnowIt to connect their followers with direct links to the pieces their wearing. All the follower has to do is simply double tap and they’ll receive an email with ready to shop details.

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