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A Playlist For The “Throwback Prom” Of Your Dreams

Spring (as promised) has rolled its way back into our lives. I, as well as many others, I’m sure, have already bore witness to nature’s gifts of blooming daffodils and evenings where the daylight gradually lingers longer and longer. I have also already had the experience of being beat out for a table by a party of twenty-four glamorous, prom-bound high schoolers at my local Red Robin.

Whether you are still dancing your way through high school proms, university spring flings or beyond, many of us have sentimental memories of getting dolled up for a dance that took place this time of year. If you are anything like me, your memories might include fine dining at an arcade pizzeria before heading to the high school prom, where you spent a majority of the evening folding napkins into paper airplanes and launching them into the crowd during slow dances. Regardless, the memories you make and/or have made at these dances are often special and remain with you for a lifetime.

A 30th birthday party I recently attended confirmed this commonly-shared sentiment. It included colorful streamers and paper lanterns hung from the ceiling, balloons littered on the floor, a buffet with tons of snacks and punch, silver fringed tinsel hanging from every doorway, and a dance floor invaded by young and old alike, dawning their finest flashy formal wear. If you haven’t guessed already, this party was prom-themed.

If you have ever had experience in throwing parties, you know that the planning and executing of these sorts of events is typically anything but a simple feat. However, if you ever fancy the desire to revive any past prom queen dreams, you technically only need a guest list of enjoyable people, some snacks, and a space to dance (your garage? your backyard?) at minimum. Of course, it is also essential to refrain from neglecting your dance playlist – a true maker or breaker of any party, in my opinion. Taste is subjective and of course not everyone will like the same style of music, so it is good to have a variety of tunes on hand. Here is a playlist to become and/or inspire the soundtrack of your potential party:

So, put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away! Whatever you do, spare the pain of your guests and do not play five straight hours of hyper dubstep remixes that make your guests cry in the corner. (This may or may not be a true scenario. I may or may not have been the person crying in the corner).


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